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Made a dress

June 11, 2011


I was so proud of myself, cause in the midst of a chaotic week, I was able to make a little dress.  As I write this my parents are in the plane flying to Dominican to give my little god daughter there that little dress.

As I have mentioned before my parents have started to become part time missionaries down there and I was able to go down with them last Thanksgiving.. It was a great experience and we all fell in love with the place.. We were able to hang out with this one family that my parents support and help out, and that family wanted me to be the godmother of their little girl. They really wanted me to take her back to the states with me and give her a good life.. But I can’t do that.. so instead I try to bless her anyway I can.. and this time it was with a dress..


This dress was easy to make.. I didn’t get to include all the steps but if you are interested in making one go to

So here are some pictures of the first dress I ever made.

DSC_0169  DSC_0171 DSC_0172



The homeless

May 18, 2011


Last Saturday I had the opportunity of getting to know a ministry in downtown Seattle called New Horizons  Ministry.My team G4J (Generation 4 Justice) and I went to one of their seminars. We wanted to know how we can work with them.

New Horizons Ministry works with street kids, the homeless and the prostitutes on the streets of Seattle. This ministry defines success as: youth knowing they are loved. They are all about loving on people… The information they gave us.. was heartbreaking.. I wanted to share some things from my journal that I was writing down while hearing the stories…

“ Its hard to hear about how kids choose the streets cause their family life is so bad.. or to hear how some of there parents just drop them off on a street corner.. and never return. That their lives have been so traumatic that they all suffer with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and others because they don’t know how to sort it all out..

The Definition of trauma- is the event itself but also how you cope with the event.. These kids have never coped with their trauma..

These kids build communities, families, that they never got at home.. We all are seeking to be safe, to be loved.. to belong somewhere.. to belong to someone…”

“ Being on the streets is another culture, they have values, beliefs, etc.. We can not just go into their culture saying they are “wrong” cause that is all they know.. that is their life, their culture.. and if we just come in and try to “fix” them they are just going to want to fight against us… Instead we need to be in a relationship, get to know them be “ok” with what they do.. then later start providing “substitutes..”

Prostitution= survival sex

“ We are not authority figures, just be people who come along side and help them survive, everything is about surviving to them… If and when they want help.. they will ask for it. but until them, just love them unconditionally.”



It was so great to go and see a ministry in action.. building relationships and loving on people.. cause really.. that’s all we really should be doing.

A book to read is called The Least of These by Ron Ruthruff

Anyways…. a new blog will come soon.. one that talks about the new adventures of my life!

Apartment Makeover

May 8, 2011


Last weekend my mom came over and we decided my apartment needed a makeover.. Bad… Since moving into it I haven’t had the time nor the energy to decorate it how I would like.

Both my mom and I are thrifty antique shoppers, so we decided to see what we could find on a tight budget. And we hit the JACKPOT going to an estate sale, St. Vincents, and the dollar tree. We spent less the 100 dollars and got an entire car load full of stuff!!!!  Some of the things were a vacuum, wicker baskets, a night stand, vintage cameras and a lot of great knick knacks!!


Here is when I first moved in…



IMG_0252  IMG_0300

I did have it decorated a little bit… but it still felt like an empty box….



Here is some of the stuff mom and I got on our adventure….



And now for the final project…..



apartment4   apartment5


There is a few things I have changed since then.. but it is just so nice to be able to have it look more of a home!!


Bedroom is still in the works… I will keep ya posted…


May 8, 2011


I thank God everyday for the friends that he put in my life.. Especially the ones who have stuck with me through everything, and challenge me to be a better me.


I was able to take a trip to Denver, Chattanooga and Ohio a couple weeks ago.. and my time with them rejuvenated my soul.. Here are some pictures of what I did



DSC_0041 (2) DSC_0072 (2)

DSC_0070 (2)   

DSC_0139 DSC_0128







What I do

April 1, 2011

I thought moving here, I would have more time for myself, to be able to cook, to craft, to blog… But truthfully it has been quite the opposite. When I am not working, I am working on things for work, when I am not doing that I am working on things for Generation4Justice.. It might not sound like a lot, but it takes up a majority of my free time.. and I am exhausted.. but so excited for the things to come…
Here is ONE creative thing I have done the past week. In my classroom we have these boards set up with different themes for the month. I was asked to do this one.. which actually i was excited about. even though it was something small, it got my creative mind working again. Another thing I am enjoying is going to Barnes and Noble during my lunch break and reading.
I am learning that in your crazy life, still find the little moments for you 🙂


Generation 4 Justice

March 14, 2011

I know it has been a while since I have written.. I have wanted to write, but the day I was going to, was the day my computer broke down. Thankfully God hooked me up with another laptop, it is not as nice, but it does the trick. Which I am not complaining about.

I wanted to write about my ministry Generation 4 Justice. We had our first big event this weekend, and there is so much to process through.

We hosted an even at a church in Black Diamond. There were about 60 students who attended from the ages of 12-18. We also had about 20+ volunteers who I feel got just as much out of the conference as the kids.

WE wanted them to have an experience of what it was like to be one of the victims being trafficked. So we had a couple brothels and labor areas set up. We played the parts of the traffickers and “masters.” I think some students thought it was stupid, but the majority understood what was going on and I think we made an impact on them. We also had a room called the “NO hope room.” They walked in to actors playing the parts of a prostitute, a guy watching porn, a husband abusing his wife, a women trying to sell her baby. This room was even impacting for me. We wanted them to see a lot of the heart attack and hurt of the world. They had time to process then we sent them back in to see if they would step in and try to stop some of it.

We had a guy from Shared Hope come and talk about his organization, and stories of girls being trafficked here in the states.. The great thing was based on the info he gave, some girls came forward and told us they they have been approached by traffickers!! Praise God we caught this now!!

I was in charge of setting up different stages to help them process. We had a prayer walk where they can read different peoples stories and pray for them. My photography was on display. We also had a station set up for journaling, learning a trade(as the victims would do when they get out) and art. It went so well!!

The next day we set up booths of different organizations and ways they can get involved to help stop this tragedy.

All in all this event was soo good!. It was the first for us, so there was a few set backs here and there, but I know God was there, I know we touched lives, and was able to build awareness. Most of these kids, even the volunteers there, didn’t know how serious this issue is. Just in Seattle alone there is up to 500 kids being trafficked!! Seattle is one of the largest trafficking places.

I cant wait to see where else God takes this ministry. Well have to run, on my lunch break Winking smile




DSC_0002   DSC_0003   DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0007


Art time

February 26, 2011


I am so excited to work for Generation 4 Justice. We all are unique and different people, but I believe we will work well with each other. Last Tuesday night we decided to do an art project in preparation for our conference coming up(I’ll talk more about that later).

We decided to make an art piece together, and see how it would turn out. There was some confusion, but I think that is the beauty of trying to learn how to work together. Here’s some photos of what we did.



DSC_0045 copyDSC_0048 copyDSC_0049 copyDSC_0051 copyDSC_0054 copyDSC_0064 copy

DSC_0071 copyDSC_0080 copy

DSC_0083 copyDSC_0085 copy

DSC_0088 copy


The piece isn’t finished but I will post it when its finished.


Tomorrow is my moving day! Pray it all goes well!